Weekly Reading Study Guides


Unit 1 Week 1: Clever Ideas

Essential Question: Where do ideas come from?


Genre: Fairy Tale
• Includes imaginary characters, such as princes, princesses, dragons, or elves. Setting may
include kingdoms, castles, or villages.
• Often begins with "once upon a time" or "in a land far, far, away" and have a happy ending.

Comprehension Strategy: Make Predictions
• Use text clues, illustrations, and other features to predict what will happen next.

Comprehension Skill: Sequence
• The order in which story events take place.

Vocabulary Strategy: Context Clues: Synonyms
• Use context clues to figure out the meaning of an unknown word. Sometimes the author
uses a synonym, a word that means almost the same thing as the unfamiliar word.

Grammar: Sentences

Spelling Words: Short Vowels
1. flat
2. cash
3. band
4. bell
5. left
6. shelf
7. wealth
8. grim
9. mill
10. hint
11. plot
12. dock
13. blot
14. odd
15. sum
16. plum
17. bluff
18. crunch
19. build
20. gym

Vocabulary Words
1. brainstorm- To brainstorm means to solve a problem by having group members all contribute
ideas freely.
2. flattened- Flattened means made flatter, or more level or smooth.
3. frantically- To act frantically means to act wildly excited due to worry or fear.
4. gracious- To be gracious means to show kindness and courtesy.
5. muttered- Muttered means spoken in a low, unclear way.
6. official- To be official means to be properly approved or authorized.
7. original- To be original means to do, make, or think of something new or different.
8. stale- Something can be called stale if it is old or not fresh.