Supply List


All third graders will need the following supplies:                                    


  1. one wide-ruled marbled composition notebook (any color)
  2. two wide-ruled one-subject spiral notebooks (any color)
  3. three packs of 3” x 3” sticky notes (any color)
  4. four fine tip dry-erase markers
  5. two chisel tip dry-erase markers
  6. 12-count colored pencils
  7. 24-count crayons
  8. three packs of #2 pencils
  9. a package of four glue sticks
  10. a pencil box
  11. $2 for take-home folders
  12. $5 for an agenda book (Price is subject to change.)


Please DO NOT purchase the following materials:


  1. Trapper Keepers or other three-ring binders
  2. hand-held pencil sharpeners