DOTS Notebook


D.O.T.S Book

Daily Organizational Tool for Students

The D.O.T.S. book is a notebook that students use everyday to develop organizational skills and develop responsibility. 

This notebook houses EVERYTHING students and parents need to keep up-to-date with what is going on at school. 

 Gone are the days of wrinkled papers and lost notes, newsletters, or calendars.  No more searching the house to find paper in order to write a note to school.  Everything you need is in one notebook! 

So if you want to know what the buzz is in Mrs. Spraggins’ classroom just look in your child's D.O.T.S. book.

Here is how it is organized:


Inside Front Pocket

School Notes- These are notes from the school office. Please remove these papers. 

Teacher Notes-This is to be used to send notes to the teacher that need immediate attention, such as transportation changes, doctor's appointments, urgent concerns, etc. I will also use this pocket to send you notes that require immediate attention.


Money Pouch

Money-From time to time, you may need to send money to school for book club orders, lunch, snack, etc. Please put all money in a sealed envelope and write your child’s name, the dollar amount, and what the money is for. Please use the plastic pocket to send money to school.


Please do not use this pocket for school supplies as it is not durable enough for everyday use.

Important Information


Please keep these pages in the D.O.T.S book.


Contacts Page-Ways to contact me and other staff members will be shared on the contacts page. 

Class List and Schedule- A class list and schedule will be kept in this section for your reference

Important Facts about Mrs. Spraggins-This page simply shares some information about me.

School Supplies- This is a list of supplies your child will need for school.



Newsletter-I will update our classroom newsletter every Monday.

Homework- Your child’s homework will be in this section.  Please read with your child every night.

Behavior Log

Behavior Management- This sheet explains our classroom behavior system.

Behavior Log- Your child’s behavior will be logged in this section daily. Please initial each night.

Learning Resources

Learning Resources- This section will contain information for you to refer to at home.  A list of reading strategies, writing tips, handwriting charts, as well as other resources will be added to this section throughout the school year. 


Inside Back Pocket



Student Work- Any class work, art projects, etc… will be placed in this pocket for you to take out and keep at home.