Mrs. Taylor's Classroom


Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 school year. I would like to make your learning experience in Computer Studies fun using interactive lessons, videos and other means. All of the notes that will be covered in class will be posted on this website after class. That way you can go home and review whatever was taught for the day and students who may have been absent for a particular lesson can get updated on what was done. If your handouts were misplaced,that's not a problem.  Each grade will have a designated area where you can print an extra copy of the handouts. You can also check the calendar under the "Upcoming Events" link to see future test dates or deadlines for assignments.


**Please note that the videos used in class will NOT be posted on the site.


Parents you are also welcomed to go through the website so that you can be aware of what your child will be learning in my class. You are also being encouraged to have access to Power School so that you can be kept up-to-date with your child's grades.


Things Needed for Class

  1. Binder
    • This can be a simple hard cover project folder to store any handouts given out in class or exams/assignments that were given.
    • There should also be some binder leaves for any note taking that ay be given.
    • Students must bring it to every class
  2. USB Drive (jump drive)
    • No larger than 4GB
    • Would be used as a back up of student's work.
    • Please note that students will be responsible for their own USB drives. I will not keep them in school.
  3. Student ID
    • This should be present at every class.
    • Their login information for the computers will be obtained from their student ID.
    • They can receive an ID card from the school.


Class Rules

  1. All of the school rules MUST be adhered to in class.
  2. There is to be NO eating and drinking in the computer labs.
    • Students will be allowed to walk with a bottle of water to class. Due to the fact that the labs are located on the 4th floor, students usually get tired and thirsty after climbing the stairs. Therefore it makes no sense to travel all the way back downstairs to drink water. 
    • They will will be allowed to drink it away from the computers and then return it to their bags.
  3. There is to be NO chewing of gum in the classroom.
  4. Respect the property of the teacher as well as your classmates.
    • If it's not yours, leave it alone!
  5. Respect each other!


Contact Me!

I prefer to be contacted via e-mail. If it is a student, please include your class number in the subject line. If it is a parent, please include your child's name in the subject line.