Phonological Awareness

This website has 20 activites at for grades pre-k through 5th grade:

Counting syllables (words)

C0mpound Words

Rhyming (picture match) (match rhyming words to a chosen short vowel) (rhyme time millionaire game) (OG and AN words - rags to riches game) (3 rhyming games on the left side of page) (nonsense vs. real rhyming words game) (construct rhyming words with this game - put beginning sounds on chunks) (find the rhymes game) (some reading required)

Syllable deletion (Say the word but without saying the ..........) (final syllable deletion)

Phoneme Matching (matching game - beginning sounds to pictures) (match pictures to beginning sounds) (match pictures with same medial sounds) (match pictures to beginning sounds) (match beginning sounds) (match pictures to beginning sound - chicken coop game) (beginning sounds - Phonics Fighter game)

Vowel Sounds (long vowels) (finding short and long vowels) (short and long vowels - picture match game)

Phonemic deletion (initial phoneme deletion) (medial phoneme deletion) (final  phoneme deletion)

Phoneme substitution (initial phoneme) (initial phoneme battleship - AP words) (initial phoneme - ET words) (initial phoneme - ET words) (initial phoneme - IG words)  (initial phoneme - ICK words) (initial phoneme - AP, AN, EST, ET, ICE words) (medial phonemes) (final phonemes) (beginning and end sound word maker) (changing a sound - Greenhouse Game) (removing a sound - pumpkin game)

Sound Blending (blend wheel game) (blending chunks together) (select final end sounds/dighraphs)

Word Activities (listening to word-separating into individual phonemes) (matching words to pictures) (sight/high frequency word games - ALL levels - tons of words) (see and spell game - dragging letters to spell words) (type in correct vowel) (pounce on the word that matches the spoken word) (find the word that matches the spoken word) (find the word that matches the spoken word) (fix misspelled words) (add missing parts to words) (letter bugs game)

Basic Reading (simple sentences - add a sight word from list) (more simple sentences - add a sight word from list) (three books - color coding to help read long/short vowels)

Awesome book activities (Tons of books to have read to you and read yourself!) (More books to have read to you and read yourself!) (lots of stories to read) ( The Giving Tree, Sheep in a Jeep, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Caps for Sale, Click Clack Moo Cows That Type, Sheep on a Ship, Sheep in a Shop, The Mitten, Pancakes Pancakes, The Very Hungry Caterpilllar and more)