Classroom Procedures

Contacting Mrs. Thatcher: Please know that open communication between us is essential to a happy and productive experience for your child. If you have questions, concerns, funny stories or happy thoughts about your child I would love to hear them! Please write me a note or give me a call at school 623-691-5300 room 22. I try to return phone calls the same day I receive them. If you call me after 3:45pm, chances are you will not hear from me until the following day, as I check all of my messages at that time. Please understand that my evenings are devoted to my family and I do not take calls at home. If you have a quick question or comment, feel free to email me at I try to check my email every evening. Kindly understand that during arrival and dismissal times my main concern is my students and their well-being. They need and deserve my undivided attention, therefore I cannot get into lengthy discussions during those times.

Absences: Whenever your child is going to be absent for any reason, you must call to let the office know. We will gladly collect their work in an "Absent Folder" to be completed upon their return. Kindly understand that because much of their work is directly related to what is being taught in class, I am unable to create "work packets" for students to take on vacations. Please know that 7th grade science is fast-paced and filled with new things each day. It is in your child's best interest to be in school as much as possible. When a child is frequently absent, or regularly being picked up early and/or coming in late , it disrupts the flow of their 7th grade scienceĀ  experience. They quickly becoming overwhelmed, confused, and feel disconnected from the group when they return to school. Therefore, routine doctors' appointments, haircuts, dental appointments, etc. are best handled outside of the school day. Similarly, family vacations, long out of town weekends and visits with relatives are fun, exciting and worthwhile experiences- once in a while. If your child is regularly missing school for these things, you will most likely hear from me about their school attendance.