Our math program is Go Math!  This is our second year using this program.  Go Math! is aligned to the Common Core standards.  This program helps students to engage with the standards and practices in new ways.  Lessons begin with problem-based situations and then build to more abstract problems.  Students develop and enhance their math skills using mutiple models, manipulatives, quick pictures and symbols.  

There are twelve chapters in this program:

1.  Addition Concepts

2.  Subtraction Concepts

3.  Addition Strategies

4.  Subtraction Strategies

5.  Addition and Subtraction Relationships

6.  Count and Model Numbers

7.  Compare Numbers

8.  Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction

9.  Measurement

10.  Represent Data

11.  Three-Dimentional Geometry

12.  Two-Dimentional Geometry