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Credentials and Bio

Hello my name is Kyle Tegaue.  I am a transfer student from CFCC where I received my AA in Business Administration.  I am originally from Santa Cruz, California and I have been living in Wilmington for the past three years.  While in California I attended California State University Chico and found very early that I did not belong in the business program.  I decided to make in change in location and packed up my things and moved to Wilmington.  The move was a very long journey that has made me come to realize that I love it here and I love the south and I do not plan on moving back anytime soon.  I am currently focused on majoring in elementary education with a concentration in mathematics and technology.


Teaching should be for those who have a deep passion and love for children.  Our job as educators is to help build the foundation for a bright future with every student through an exceptional focus on leadership, diversity, content, facilitation, and reflection.

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Kyle David Teague

7222 Farrington Farms Dr.

Wilmington NC, 28411                        


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