Science Fair

Broward County

Society for Science

Cool OOOOO! Science Buddies, neat examples

Judging Rubric

Display Rules

Research Plan Instructions

Required Forms  (December 11)

Adult Sponsor

Student Checklist

Approval Form

Critical Dates

December 11:  All required Forms

December 9:  Afterschool Assistance  Where were you?

December 16:  Afterschool Assistance

Dec 18:  Last Day of School before Break

January 6:  Afterschool Assistance

January 13:  Science Fair

Experiment  versus demonstrations

  • experiments are required for the science fair, not demonstrations
  • compare something, what will you put in your table?
  • think about what graph you will create
  • you will have replications or trials, not a single demonstration or object
  • for example, seeds in water, soil or dry dish, not a bonsai tree
  • for example, dissolve hard candy in salt, plain or sugar water, not create a new candy
  • for example, compare popping of 3 brands of popcorn, not build a volcano


  1. spiral or bound notebook
  2. ink
  3. every page: date, place, time
  4. record everything:  computer use, thoughts, discussions ("Mom, what do you think about...")
  5. inlcude websites even if you do not use them
  6. your data belongs here, too
  7. record everythingrecord everythingrecord everythingrecord everythingrecord everythingrecord

Please Note

Adult Sponsor and Research Plan Instructions:  no humans, animals, biological or chemical hazards

Research Log is required (see above)

Gulfstream Science Fair:  January 13, 2010

Assistance:  Wednesday afterschool

Minimum Participation:  Forms, Procedures, Hypothesis, Tables, Graphs, Results & Discussion, Conclusion, Application