About Mr. Kuhlmann

My name is Mr. Kuhlmann and I am a new language arts teacher at Lawton Middle School. In 2010, I graduated magna cum laude from Western Michigan University. I did my student teaching in my hometown of Paw Paw, in a 7th grade social studies classroom. For my efforts there, I earned the WMU Terry Kuseske Intern Teacher of the Year Award.

I live in Paw Paw with my wife, Kelly, who graduated from Lawton High School in 1995. We have two daughters. Kathryne is a 6th grader and Abby is a second grader. We have the world's best dog, Charlie, as well as a gerbil and four goldfish.

Before I became a teacher, I spent seven years in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves where I was a combat engineer. Combat engineers build bridges and handle explosives. While I was in the Marines, I traveled to South Korea and Norway, as well as all over the United States. After I completed my obligation with the Marines, I started a tree service. I continue to do commercial and residential tree trimming now.