Every teacher should use...

1. Mini Whiteboards 

I have a class set of mini whiteboards and my scholars loooove them!  They give scholars a great opportunity to interact with material in a way other than pencil to paper.  I use them as a way to check for understanding during lessons, show work on a problem, present material to classmates, and even show me how their feeling or what they're thinking.  You can purchase them at Lakeshore or any store that sells school supplies or you can make them using a sheet protector and paper.  The unique thing about using a sheet protector is, you can put a blank paper on one side and graph or lined paper on the other!  I have even placed templates such as place value charts inside them! 

2. Go Noodle

You're nearing the end of your lesson, the kids are getting restless, what can you do?  Motivate your kids with a brain break!  Go noodle is a great way for scholars to get a brain break.  It gives them an opportunity to get out the wiggles, relax before and after tests, or just show off their dancing skills in a place they normally don't get to!  (This resource can be found on the CTI website.  This is also the web address for your reference


3. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a game based learning website.  It is a great way to engage your learners.  You can use it as a check for understanding, assessment review, or brain break.  It's great because there are lots of games which are already created or your can create your own.  You can use tablets, Chromebooks, and even phones!  (This resource can be found on the CTI website.