Why I Am An Educator

     Dr. Rita Pierson (2013) said of education, “I cannot think of another profession that brings both joy and challenge on a daily basis.”  In my 40 years as an educator, I have often said that education is like ABC’s Wide World of Sports - it is the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.”  When we teach our students well and serve our communities, it is a victory.  When we do not, it is a defeat and both conclusions have far-reaching effects. As educators we have a tremendous responsibility to provide each generation with the knowledge, skills and opportunities they will need to move forward.

            For me, education is a calling and my role as an educator extends beyond the classroom.

Dr. James Comer (1995) said that, “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.”  When I work collaboratively to create an atmosphere that encourages students, is based on relationships, and provides pathways for students to move forward, it can bring the “thrill of victory” that benefits everyone in the community. That is why I teach!


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