Philosophy of Teaching

Every student learns at a different pace and way, but every student can learn! They have to learn right from wrong, and the consequences for doing both of these. This comes from structure and a lot of kids are lacking this at home.  It’s my job to do the best I can and teach them not only the subjects, but life lessons as well.

My role as being an educator is being patient with my students, and understanding when they do not get things right away. When they do not comprehend what I’m explaining, it is then my job to approach the topic from another angle until they grasp the concept. I need to be reliable, versatile, and organized with my lesson plans and having the papers graded on time. It is very important to always be dressed professional and using appropriate language. 

I’m very good at following directions and procedures.  I feel everyone needs rules and a schedule, or else everything starts to fall apart and everyone gets unorganized.  Not only do we use it in the classrooms but also for everyday life.  We all have a routine whether we know it or not.  I believe it’s important for children because they need to understand the importance of rules and directions.  Without order in a classroom nothing would ever get accomplished.  The students wouldn’t learn and would just get more confused.  If the teacher is rushed and unorganized then the students are more than likely going to act the same. 

I believe in making goals in life and when one goal is met I make another one. My students will make a goal, and I will help them in every way I can to make it achievable.  I learn better getting to do hands on, and will incorporate this into my classroom. When students can relate to a subject by things that they are into, education becomes more fun for me and the students. To be a successful teacher I need to make sure the guardian, students, and I are on the same page. Being consistent and letting everyone knows the rules and what the consequences are when someone breaks these rules.