Contributing to the Profession

A. Resources:

          1.      Such an amazing website! You create a login, and import all of your students. After that, you get them logged in, and let them loose. You can choose which level to start them at. I started most of my kindergarten students on Level 1 which begins with individual letters and their sounds. Once they beat that level, they begin working on blends, and reading sentences. My students LOVE this website!

          2.      This website is a great math tool. It features all kinds of math activities and games that align to Common Core Standards! In my school, this game is used after the class has finished their required daily math from the curriculum. A lot of teachers use this as an incentive for their students, and believe it or not, those kids WANT to get on and play the games on this website!

          3.     I am a huge believe in Brain Breaks, and this is the website of ALL websites for Brain Breaks. There are so many different ways to have fun on this website. There                                                                            are dances, coordination games, and even yoga! Best of all, kids love going to GoNoodle. It is                                                                             definitely a reward for them. The website lets you choose a monster, and every time you reach                                                                                 your goal, the monster grows!