Developing as a Professional Educator

A. My professional goal, is to reach the learning styles of all of my students. I think it is important to make learning meaningful for all students, and that one way of making learning meaningful is to teach to every child. There are a lot of opportunities for me to reach my goal. I can use classroom discussions or surveys to get to my students and their wants and needs. I will be able to assess this by giving surveys, and by grading classwork, and tests. If students are interested and engaged, they will do better than if they are not. 


B. The actions I can take to remain a connected educator might be continuing my education by getting a masters degree, or attending workshops and training for professional development. I can also remain connected just be discussing education with other educators or following education forums on social media.


C. It seems like everyone believes it is easy for new teachers to remain exciting about education, but it is difficult. There are so many requirements of new teachers, that it is overwhelming and can make us forget about what is important. From my two years of teaching experience, I have learned that to sustain energy I need to balance my home and work life. Last year I spent a ton of time at work, and my personal relationships became difficult. This year, I spent too much time at home or with loved ones, and my work life paid for it. I think I need to find a balance between the two so that I do not get burned out or overwhelmed and I believe this will help me to sustain energy so that I can continue to be passionate about my students, teaching, and learning. 


D. "Kylie has good control of the class, and does well with behavior management." -Principal

I chose this quote, because at the beginning of the year last year, I believed my strongest point would be classroom management, and boy was I wrong! I had to strip everything I thought I knew about classroom management, and try a million different things until I found something that worked. My entire first year of teaching was mostly building, and rebuilding, and rebuilding my idea of classroom management and what that means. I tried SO many different things last year that I thought I would never be successful. My principal saw me start over so many times, she probably thought I would never figure it out, but I did! She noticed that this year, and I felt so proud when I read my commendations from her this year. 


E. My advice for new teachers is to not be afraid to fail and start over. It seems like we all begin this career believing we are going to be Rock Stars, then we struggle, and feel like failures. We are new at this! We should struggle! We should fail over and over so that we can become better. I was SO hard on myself in my first year of teaching because of how hard I struggled at times, but this year was so much better. Also, remember, you have a ton of support! Veteran teachers, administrators, other new teachers, they all want to help! Don't be afraid to seek out the people around you who may have answers or advice for you. It is okay to admit you need help!