Come here to find out what your child is expected to do each night.  :)


Baggie Books:


Starting this week, your student will bring home two books and a word card ring all inside a ziplock baggie.  These books are to be read EVERY NIGHT with your child.  At the beginning of the week, your child will need a lot of help and perhaps even have it read to them the first time for the first couple of weeks.  Throughout the week, your child should become more and more independent.  Also, homework every night includes going through the word card rings.  They should be used like flash cards.  Have them read the word and then flip to the next one.  Do this AT LEAST once each night.  Studies show that students who read with their parents every night are much better readers than those who do not.  This is a great way to help your child become the best reader he or she can be!  :)



Every once in a while, your child will have a handwriting page that is homework.  It will be marked as homework.  As our students are learning how to write, it is important that they practice making these letters and numbers often.  Therefore, homework is a great way to reinforce the skills we have been working on at home as well as help further develop their fine motor skills.  Please assist your child as needed and give some corrective feedback as they practice.  Together we can help them learn to make all of their letters and numbers correctly and neatly!  Thanks! 



I really appreciate all your work you do with your child at home!