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Have you ever forgotten about a homework question or quiz?  This shouldn't happen if you check my site nightly!  Every day I will post a brief summary of the day's lesson and information regarding homework, assignments and upcoming assessment dates.  It is especially important to check my site when you have been absent from class.  Remember that when you are absent it is your responsibility to get caught up.  This site will allow you to find out what you have missed so you know what questions to ask your peers when you return.  Talk to your classmates about getting any notes that you missed.  All missed handouts will be available in the handout basket located in your classroom.  Please note that I am usually available for extra help before and after school, as well as during my lunch period.  Just let me know that you need some help and we'll set up an appointment.



This site is designed to help you too.  Parents often complain that their student isn't keeping them informed regarding their progress in school.  By checking my site periodically, you will be aware of what we are doing in class and what has been assigned as homework.  You will also know when assignments are due so you can ask your student how the assignment is progressing.  Test and quiz dates will also be posted so you will know when your student should be studying, and when they have a mark to show you.  My goal is to provide you with the opportunity to stay informed.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.