Mon Mar 5

lung capacity lab due today


-review note on blood

-finish leukocytes note


Tue Mar 6

-check leukocyte homework

-note - platelets

-note - blood types

Wed Mar 7

Mr. Hunt icebreaker activity

-locker cleanout for March break

Thur Mar 8

learning skills self-evaluation

-open book quiz - blood disorders

-handout - sliced blood

-finish blood types note


Fri Mar 9 staff vs students basketball game for heart and stroke foundation PROGRESS REPORTS GO HOME TODAY!
Thur Mar 22

Mr. Hunt 1st lesson on Blood Glucose

Blood Glucose Power Point Lesson

Exit Card

Science Daily article on Artificial Pancreas

Unit Medical Technologies

Fri Mar 23

Insulin Past, Present and Future

Graphic organizers

Unit Medical Technologies

Mon Mar 26

Insulin Past, Present and Future continued

Unit Medical Technologies

Tue Mar 27

Insulin Pumps

Exit Card

Case study - Medical images

Unit Medical Technologies

Wed Mar 28

Case study - Medical images work period

Unit Medical Technologies

Thur Mar 29

Case study - Medical images presentations

Introduction to the immune system

KWL chart

Unit Pathogens and Disease
Fri Mar 30

Introduction to the immune system - continued

Unit Pathogens and Disease
Mon Apr 2


Exit card

Polio Vaccine - video and question sheet

Tues Apr 3

Polio video Part 2

Take up video questions

Wed Apr 4

Movie Cold comfort

Movie the Universe Within

Thurs Apr 5 Computer lab - Vaccine assignment Have a happy Easter
Fri April 6 Good Friday - No school  
Mon Apr 9 Easter Monday - No school  
Tues Apr 10 Special topics - immunity (recap), autoimmunity, hypersensitivity, Gangrene, meningitis and chicken pox.  
Wed Apr 11 Viruses Friday April 13 - Immunity Test
Thurs Apr 12

The doomsday flu - Spanish flu video and questions


Fri Apr 13

Immunity test

Viral vectors - Gene therapy Part 1

Mon Apr 16

Viral Vectors Part 2

BBC video on gene therapy

Viral illnesses assigned

Computer lab time to work on viral structure research

Tues Apr 17

West Nile Virus video and questions

Virus structure build

Work period

Wed Apr 18 Bacteria lesson Part 1  
Thurs Apr 19

Bacteria lesson part 2

Started Antibiotics: Wonder drugs movie

Fri Apr 20 PD - Day

Virus test Tuesday April 24

Virus build is due Tuesday April 24

Science Daily reading Viral vector reading

Antibiotics question sheet

Mon Apr 23

Antibiotic video and questions

Virus test summary/ review

- Virus build due
Tues Apr 24 - Virus Test
- Work period
Wed Apr 25

- Contagion movie Part 1

- Movie questions

Thurs Apr 26 - Contagion movie Part 2

- Class discussion

- Virus build gallery walk

Fri Apr 27

- Mr. Hunt's last day

- Work period