GR. 9 Advanced Tech

We are currently working on a theme project. It includes 5 major projects. The outline is a brief summary of each project. For a copy of the project, please email me.


Advance Tech. Grade 9Major Project #1:  Running a Recording Studio Business 

As a producer of a record label, you will create the following aspects for your business:

 1.        A company logo (create a name for your company and an image)2.       An Advertisement package (commericial, newspaper ad, posters, etc.)3.       A web page (with animations and hyperlinks)4.       A music CD 5.       CD cover for the Band 

The quality of these items is crucial as they will be presented to the class at the end.  (Due date to be discussed in class)


The following is a breakdown of the marks for each item:


Name and company logo                                 /20

Advertising Package:  

                Commericial                                      /40

                Poster/newspaper ad                       /20

Webpage                                                           /30

Music CD                                                           /40

CD cover for the band                                       /20