Grade 7 Practical Arts

We currently are working on in class projects.  Here is a copy of the course outline. For questions about specific projects, please email me.


Grade 7 Practical Arts

Mrs. Francis  

This course has a primary focus on graphic arts.  Graphic art takes many forms.  Students will be creating graphic art in the following forms using the corresponding programs:


1.  Video Editing – using Movie Maker and Audacity


2.  Stick Figure Animation – using Pivot Stick


3.  Digital Photography – using Picnik, Photoshop and Digital Cameras


4.  3D Architecture – using Home Architect


5.  Miscellaneous tasks including digital comic strips and basic computer skills


Mark Breakdown:


50% - major projects

20% - minor assignments

30% - course notebook

  • Be respectful of your classmates, your teacher, and the equipment in the lab
  • Be responsible about keeping your work organized and safe
  • Do not bring food or drinks to the lab
  • Be responsible about your “multi-tasking” (I will explain this)
  • Ask questions!
  Contact me by email: