Hello everyone! My name is Leigh Gatta and I am currently in my 5th year at YSU. This upcoming Spring, I will be graduating college with a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. After graduation, I plan on finding a job around this area, and pursuing my dream, which is teaching. My future goals in the classroom are to create a safe and secure environment for all students. Another important tool to have in the classroom is effective communication with students and their families. Using different assessments in the classroom helps guide  all teachers. Formative assessments can be used in the classroom frequently, and gives the teacher immediate feedback from students. This is also a great tool for teachers to implement in the classroom daily. Using summative assessment is another tool that can be used at the end of a unit. Teachers can collect data after this that shows if the students get the material or not. Using different assessments inside of the classroom is essential in an Early Childhood classroom.