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Summer Writing, Boring?
Never fear!  Help is here!
For some of you, writing is fun and easy therefore this page will merely be an enjoyable extension of something you already love to do.  For others, you'd rather be hung by your toenails than write.  However, don't think of this as your typical writing activity--here activities allow you to explore an area of interest and write about the things you love.

Activity objectives:

  • Students (whether proficient writers, struggling writers, or somewhere in between) will be able to participate in an online writing activity this summer, which encourages them to practice writing and improve their writing skills before beginning high school in the fall. 
  • Students will have a variety of resources and activities from which to choose and therefore, will be able to find writing activities suited to their summer interests or experience. 
  • Hopefully, students will experience at least some level of enjoyment with the activities.
  • In each category at the top of the rubric, read the assessment score description below and select the phrase, which best describes your work.  Honest, self-reflective assessment results in higher-level thinking and understanding. 
  • You may choose to self-evaluate the lessons in total once your writing is complete, or for more thorough assessment, evaluate each step of the lesson.
Overall score: Commitment to lesson: Participation in all steps of the lesson:  Understanding of each step of the lesson:Satisfaction with final product:  Increase in overall knowledge and comprehension of content:



I was strongly committed to the completion and understanding of the lesson(s).    I thoroughly participated in all steps of the lesson(s). I am confident I have a strong understanding of each step in the lesson(s).   I am highly satisfied with my final product(s).   I gained newfound knowledge and understanding of the concepts I chose to work on in a significant way.   



I was moderately committed to the completion and understanding of the lesson(s).  I participated in some, not all, steps of the lesson(s).   I feel I have a moderate understanding of each step in the lesson(s).   I am moderately satisfied with my final product(s).   I learned a little bit about the concepts I chose to work on.   


Below Average 

I was less than committed to the completion and understanding of the lesson(s).  I barely participated in the steps of the lesson(s).   I was frequently confused about what to do during the lesson(s).   I am less than satisfied with my final product(s).   I do not feel the lesson made an impact on my understanding of the concept(s).  


  • Choose an area of interest to explore:  Artists, Beach BumsFilm Critics, Musicians, or Sports Buffs.
  • Use the general writing directions and resources on the resources link, as you explore and write about your particular interest area.
  • Record all of the steps of writing, digital artifacts (Wordle, Tagxedo, Images), organizers, outlines, rough drafts, edits, etc. in a Google Doc.
  • Cite your sources as you proceed; it is unethical and just plain wrong not to.
  • Invite Mrs. P,, to "share" your Google Doc so that together you are able to edit and polish your work.
  • Consider sharing your work in our "Impact 2011 Classroom Blog."