Beach Bums

Beach Bums
You love the salt air, sand between your toes, and sound of the waves splashing into shore.  The problem is--you are stuck at home since the cost of a cab to the beach is not really feasible.  Explore the beach photo links below, find some favorites of your own, and write from the perspective of your beach towel.

Pensacola Beach Photos :  Photos from the beach you know and love!
Carmel by the Sea Photos:  Check out these gorgeous photos from Carmel, California.
Croatian Coast Photos:  Far away lies the coastal town of Croatia--see pictures of this waterfront that is very different from what we know.
Possible prompts for Beach Bums:
  • Compare/Contrast coastal towns and allow your reader to experience the beauty of each.
  • Describe the beach you have chosen to explore:  the history, people, culture, sights, and more.
  • Write a story about a day at the beach.
  • Convince your parents why a week at the beach is perfect for you.