Whether it's listening, jamming, or collaborating--music is your gig 24/7.  Write about music's style, genres, different artists and more using the links below or any other musical inspiration which gets your toe tapping and pen flowing. 
Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series:  "Good Morning America" presents their annual summer concert series.
PBS Greatest Performances:  From rock to opera, PBS has an amazing collection of performances for perusal. 
Top 100 Songs:  Billboard's top 100--see where your favorite performers and songs rate. 
Possible musician prompts: 
  • Write the story a song writes in your mind.
  • Describe musical elements (melody, harmony, rhythm, time, beat, dynamics, etc.), their use in a musical selection and subsequent affect on a listener.
  • Explain, using historical evidence, the basis for the meaning behind a song.  Give thought to when the song was written, when it was set, the genre, success, and other influential pieces of support for your position.