Class Expectations

Class Expectations:
Students will be expected to follow class expectations during Language Arts.  Class expectations have been set up to ensure that each student feels safe and that they have a positive learning environment that helps them learn and grow in the areas of reading and writing.  
Students are expected to:
Be on time for class!
Raise their hand to speak and be heard by others!
Come into class prepared with all materials!
Be respectful of others space and thoughts!
Try their best!
If there should be any issues within the classroom students will be reminded only once to think about their choices.  After a reminder students will be signed a retention and asked to stay after school to make a plan for preventing such incidents in the future.
This classroom has been designed to support student's education through social responsibility.  Students are aware of the expectations.  For each of the Language Arts classes students have set class goals and contracts that we will continue to work with and on throughout the year.  Classes have created mission statements.  These missions help us have a stronger understanding of each other and our goals and expectations.  Through our mission, students make important connections between setting goals, choice making, and the outcomes by which they have chosen through their own plan.