4th Grade

4th Grade


Christian Discipleship

Teach students how to be Christian disciples with the web-based Switched-On Online 4th Grade Bible course! Convenient and flexible, this course includes Bible verses (in KJV), quizzes, tests, and interactive, Internet-based lessons that cover Christian discipleship themes like living for God, witnessing, and praying. The course also includes state-of-the art learning games, and videos to enhance student learning!

History & Geography

World Geography

Flexible and easy-to-use, this online history course includes quizzes, tests, and fun, dynamic lessons that examine world cities, countries, climates, and continents. The course also includes fun games, videos, and customizable lessons to enrich learning!

Language Arts

Word Study: Grammar Skills and Composition

Get your fourth grade students excited about learning grammar rules with the dynamic Switched-On Online 4th Grade Language Arts course! Filled with stories, quizzes, and tests, this interactive, online language course offers integrated, web-based lessons that examine literature genres, poetry, composition skills, and the parts of speech. This fun, media-rich course also includes videos, multiple print options, and diverse writing assignments.


Basic Math Skills

Give your fourth grade students a fun, state-of-the-art way to learn math with the Internet-based Switched-On Online 4th Grade Math! This flexible, convenient math course includes quizzes, tests, and web-based, interactive lessons that teach fundamental math skills like decimals, shapes, whole numbers, and fractions. These dynamic lessons also include math games, videos, and multimedia to enhance student learning.


Changes in Matter, Solar System, & Planet Earth

Help your fourth grade students learn more about God's creation with the fun Switched-On Schoolhouse 4th Grade Science course! This online, Bible-based science course includes quizzes, tests, and dynamic, interactive lessons that cover plants, animals, electricity, water, and weather.

Health - Elective

Teach elementary students about healthy living with Switched-On Online Health Quest for grades 4-7! Based entirely online, this convenient, cutting-edge elective integrates enriching multimedia like videos and games into interactive lessons. The five-unit elective includes quizzes, tests, and interactive lessons that cover topics like personal hygiene, fitness, proper exercise techniques, personal stewardship, and human anatomy.