BOS377: Readings

You will find your homework listed here. It will include readings for the course as well as particular writing assignments.

 Hello students, for first class, please read the following: - "Nation" defined.   More terminology defined "Nation"  "Countries of the Former Yugoslavia"  "Nationalism"  "Ethnic Nationalismin the Balkans"

Questions to Consider for Discussion

1. What is the most general definition for a "nation?"

2. Do "nations" have boundaries in your opinion? Are they supposed to have them?

3. What are the different types of nationalism?

4. How can one use nationalism for differing purposes? Explain a negative and positive nationalist project or projects.

5. Is there anything positive about nationalism? Discuss.

NB: The above are questions to get you to start thinking in preparation for class discussions. This is the way I want you to approach every reading, by asking yourselves questions such as these according to theme and then answering them thoroughly with specific insights in regards to each.


Hello students, the following readings are your responsibility for next class: If link is not working, please type in search:

Cultural Genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina; Destroying Heritage, Destroying Identity  (note this document is quite long so I will divide it into a few pages per lecture)

Politics and School Learning:

Cultural History:

Globalization and Bosnia: