BOS377: Instructions for Quizzes, Tests, and Quests

Instructions for quizzes, tests, and quests will be available here soon. Thanks


Hello students, this is the format for the upcoming test worth 10% of your final mark:


A list of conjugations from the words we have looked at and studied in class. I will choose the 5 out of 10 that we studied. I have told you which ones I will use in class. This part of the test will also have simple and complex sentence structures as well. It is worth 5%

Identifications of key terms or ideas - focus on everything that I have talked a lot about like nationalism, ethnic nationalism what do these terms mean? What is a nation? All of the things from the beginning of the course to mid-month apply. 2.5%

Essay based on a very broad topic. The possibilities will be mentioned in class. 2.5%

Total for this test is 10%

Good luck!