BOS377: Class Cancellations Due to Bad Weather

Hello students, in the event of severe weather conditions classes will not be held. I usually make this decision by about noon or 1:00PM and I do make phone calls to students telling them that classes are cancelled. I also cancel classes ahead of time if I know that the weather for the next day will be inclement. In class we have assigned "Weekly Weather Leaders" who are responsible for calling EVERYONE EXCEPT THE INSTRUCTOR TELLING THEM THAT THE CLASS IS CANCELLED. Each week, a new leader will be assigned to call his/her peers. A leader is designated from names drawn out of a hat. In the event that a person's name is drawn in a week following the one that he/she was already a leader, he/she will be about to choose SOMEONE ELSE TO TAKE THEIR POSITION AS THEY ALREADY HAD A TURN.


I trust this system will work and will be fun.


Be sure to check  or watch The Weather Network on Rogers Cable 23 for all of the latest weather watches, warnings, advisories and weather forecasts!