Math Word Problems

Word Problems   Multiplication/Division 1. Your favorite Aunt is flying to your house nextmonth. She’s coming from San Francisco toBuffalo. It’s a 5 hour flight and she lives 3060 miles

away from you.

How fast does the plane go?

  2. On the 12 days of Christmas, how many gifts didthe ‘True Love’ receive? (Partridge in a Pear Tree, 2Turtle Doves, 3 French Hens, 4 Calling Birds, 5

Golden Rings etc.) How can you show your work?

  3. You and two friends are ready to share yourBirthday cake. Just beforeyou cut the cake, a 4thfriend comes to join you.Show and explain what you

will do.

  4. Your Uncle gave you a gift certificate for $50.00.You are going to try to spend every penny! Yourchoices are: Movie Passes: $12.00, Arcade Passes$14.00, Recreation Passes: $22.00. What will youbuy to come as close as possible to spending all ofyour $50.00?      5. At your skating party you noticed 30 legs on theoutdoor rink. How many people and dogs are on the

outdoor rink?

   Word Problems answers1. 612mpn, 2. 78, 3. answers will vary. 4. 2 arcade passes and a rec. pass, 5. 4 dogs, 7 people. Word Problems Multiplication/division 1. Jade has 1281 baseball cards. Kyle has 1535. IfJade and Kyle combine their baseball cards, howmany cards will there be? Estimate___________Answer___________ 

2. What will my garden look like if the shape isquadrilateral and has two pairs of matching parallelsides and no right angles? 

3. At the bake sale you sold cookies for 5 cents each.You earned $4.50. How many cookies did you sell?

 4. You are planting 47 flowers but want them to gointo 6 rows. How many flowers will be in each row? 

5. There are 369 families that donated $6.00 to theschool fundraiser. How much money was donated? 

6. The teacher baked a batch of muffins. There are 16in a batch. She ate 1/4 of the batch. She baked twomore batches. How many muffins does she havenow? 

7. My grandmother’s age divided by 15 is 5. How oldis my grandmother?     

 Word Problems  Money 

1. Fred brought some pens and markers that cost $6.98.  He gave the clerk $10.00. How much change should he receive? 

2.  Find the missing number. $7.45; ______, $7.65; $7.75? 

3.  Sharon buys a bicycle lock with a $20 bill.  The store clerk gives her $11.32 in change.  How much id the lock cost? 

4.  Vince buys a pencil case for $2.98.  He also buys a package of pencils for $1.83.  Vince gives the clerk a $5 bill.  How much change should Vince receive?  




 Answers $3.02  2. $7.55; 3. $8.68 4. $.19   

Word Problems - Number Sense 

    Todd's Dogs walks 68 dogs per week.  Goggie Express walks 57 dogs per week.  Top Dog walks 101 days per week.


1.  What is the total number of dogs walked by the three services?___________


2. How many dogs does Doggie Express walk in 2 weeks?______________


3. How man more dogs than Doggie Express does Todd's Dogs walk per week._____________.