Words to Know




ph, sh, th, ch Digraphs  chart, graph, phone, thick, trash, checkup, chef

Short vowels  stock, cast, quit, rent, trust, body, this

ake, ine, oke, ute, Word Families  broke, cute, flake, spine, choke

ail, ain, ay Word Familes  brain, snail, drain, strain, tray

eed, ea, eat Word Families  cheat, speed, wheat, flea, treat, bread

oat, ow Word Familes  boat, crow, float, glow, throat, plow, rowboat

ue, ue Word Familes  clue, cruise, juice, suit, true

or, orn, art Word Familes  scorn, or, smart, thorn, worn, worm, heart

ir, urn Word Familes Smile burn, churn, sir, stir, turn, wire

air, ear, eer Word Familes Smile cheer, deer, pair, shear, steer

ore, are, ire Word Familes Smile chore, dare, fire, more, square

oom, ew Word Familes Smile bloom, flew, grew, broom, threw

au, aw, awn Vowel Patterns Smile haul, lawn, launch, sauce, draw, caught

alk, all Word Familes Smile chalk, small, stalk, walk, wall, broadwalk

ood, ook Word Familes Smile brook, cook, wood, shook, stood, flood, neighborhood

ank, ink, unk Word Familes Smile blink, junk, drink, thank, trunk, blanket

ice Word Family Smile advice, price, mice, slice, twice, voice, police

age, arge Word Familes Smile barge, stage, charge, large, page, package

oil, oy Word Familes Smile enjoy, boil, ploy, spoil, toy, annoy, turmoil

ound, out, ow Word Familes Smile stout, found, chow, ground, trout, boundary, snowplow

Contractions Smile don't, I'll, wasn't, we've, you're, doesn't

kn, wr Consonant Patterns Smile written, knee, knight, wrap, wreath, wrestler

dge, tch Consonant Patterns Smile batch, bridge, hitch, judge, ledge, badger

Adjectives with er, est Smile closest, nearer, softest, strongest, younger, hottest, tougher

Prefix un Smile undo, unload, unpack, unsafe, unjust ( understand, unicorn )

Suffixes ful, less, er, ly Smile carful, slowly, farmer, fearless, handful

Plurals s, es Smile blocks, buses, cakes, passes, peaches, catches, officers

Plurals y to ies Smile supplies, babies, candies, cherries, memories, trophies

y plus er, est Smile funniest, happier, sunniest, winder, drier, bluest, healthier

Verb Ending ed Smile carried, dreamed, dried, melted, talked, listened

Verb Ending ing Smile driving, running, shining, trying, waiting, delaying, studying

Compound Words Smile backyard, flashlight, landscape, weekend, upstairs, watermelon