Teacher Candidate Web Page

Welcome All!

Hi, my name is LaTara Ward.  I am an Early Chilhood Primary Major.  I expect to graduate December 2012.  My personal educational experience has been average.  I graduated from Kenwood Academy as a "C" average student.  It wasn't until I had children of my own that my overall view of education changed.  As a prospective teacher I hope to encourage students to see and understand the very big picture of getting an education.  In a sense, I have already been a teacher.  I have had experience with teaching adults, children, and infants swim classes.  This takes a level of patience that is not learned but innate.  I think that anyone can go to school to learn methods, strategies, applications, and child development however, an authentic teacher is someone who has a gift for working with children and families. 

Characteristics of a Good Teacher

A desire to educate young people and act as a positive role model

An ability to work with students from diverse backgrounds and abilities

Interest in helping people learn

Enthusiasm about a subject

Strong interpersonal and organizational skills

The ability to work unsupervised

Creative, energetic, and patient