American History



Fun Facts about Presidents

  • George Washington DID NOT chop down a cherry tree!
  • Christopher Columbus NEVER set foot on the North American continent
  •  Andrew Jackson had a pet parrot. This parrot had to be removed from his funeral ceremony for using foul language.
  • Woodrow Wilson's first name is Thomas.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt prevented the release of photographs to the public depicting that he suffered from polio.
  • Harry S Truman did not have a middle name. His middle name was simply, "S."

General American History

  • General McClellan, during the Civil War, was given the chance to end the war in one day. One of his scouts found a piece of paper near an abandoned camp site that had General Lee's battle plans. Instead of acting quickly with this knowledge, while Stonewall Jackson was nowhere near Lee, McClellan decided to wait until every detail of his plan was perfect. McClellan lost his chance to end the war for being meticulous. Cry As a result, Lincoln fired McClellan.