World History

Here are some interesting facts about World History!

  • Saint Patrick was not Irish . He was a missionary from England who was captured by Irish merchants.
  • Pythagoras believed that everything in life had a soul, including beans. Because of this, Pythagoras prohibited the eating of beans because he believed that flatulence was the result of the beans' souls trying to escape from the body.
  • “What we call the fall of the Western Roman Empire was an imaginative experiment that got a little out of hand.” Walter Goffart 
  • In the 11th and 12th century, during the creation of Universities, students would pay a large amount of money for education and the professors would never show up for class.Surprised
  • 12th century knights believed strongly in emotion. In order to be a knight, one must sing, dance, and compose poetry. Weeping was considered manly!