Parent/Family Sites

Here are some great sites for families! - This link (part of the Illinois Early Learning. org) is a good resource for anyone trying to make the case for dual language learning. It provides answers to frequently asked questions, websites to consult more research, and other resources such as books to read about dual language learning. It is mainly for teachers and parents of dual language learners in early childhood classrooms, but I suppose it could apply to older children as well. - This website provides interactive videos, lesson plans, activities and games. It's a great educational resource for teachers, parents and students.Also, the students can practice reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. - This is a great bilingual website that gives families and educators access to free downloadable books in both English and Spanish. You can download them on your computer for centers and students can read both in English and Spanish, or families can download them on any mobile device as well as computers. Membership is free, and there are also activities and newsletters that go along with the stories. I use this website in my classroom during Daily Five for Read to Self, or Read to Someone.

my.englishclub.comA website where someone learning or teaching English can have a page set-up and play English games or interact with others in order to work on their English skills.