All About Miss Plant



My name is Lauren Plant and I am currently in my third year at the Queensland University of Technology studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary). I have already spent time at Craigslea State School during May last year where I had a year 3 class. Whilst at this school I ran many small group lessons focusing on the development of literacy and numeracy, and several whole class lessons in different areas of the curriculum including science, the arts, mathematics, and english. The students were in this class were working on a unit on environments, and  had to construct a diorama based on their research on one particular environment. I assisted the students with their research by helping them find books and also information on the computer using an encyclopaedia for children. I also ran small group lessons on report writing to help students that were struggling with their writing based on their chosen environment and diorama. 


5 random facts about me...


  • In my spare time I enjoy reading and listening to music.
  • I particularly enjoy teaching in the areas of science and the arts.
  • I have a 16 year old cat named Toby.
  • My birthday is on New Years Eve.
  • I am travelling to South America in November. 


I soon begin my next practicum at Bray Park State School, with Ms. B's year 3/4 composite class. I look forward to getting to know the students as I develop my understanding of the practice of teaching.