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Club Einstein Information

Club Einstein is for students who want to exceed third grade standards and expand their knowledge of the world. To become a member, students must research a topic and present the information to the teacher after school. Students can show that they have mastered the topic by:


  • Creating a display board about the subject including at least ten details. 
  • Write a report about the subject including at least ten details.
  • Write a song or poem about the subject including at least ten details.
  • Draw a comic strip about the subject and include at least 10 details.
  • The teacher will consider other creative methods of reporting your understanding of the topic.


In addition: 

Students must also answer oral questions about the topic to be considered a Club Einstein member.


  • Explain the topic to the teacher.
  • Tell why you chose the topic.
  • Tell the most interesting details. 
  • Tell what you used for your research (internet, book, encyclopedia...)



Students receive one star for each new subject learned. Ten stars make the Hall of Fame! 

Get 2 Months for $5!