Teaching Philosophy

I strongly believe that the classroom should not be a venue for one-way communication. Every student is unique and has the potential to say or do something very insightful. Therefore, my approach is to encourage the participation of everyone. This is very important in classes where the student body is ethnically diverse like Malaysia, where language seems to be a problem. I will often encourage the student to speak up and not to be intimidated. In all of the classes that I teach I frequently call on individual students to answer questions or respond to my inquiries.  I attempt to learn each of my students' names and address them as individuals in and outside of the classroom.   I have a great interest in transforming the way the students think. Most students have the vision that the only change they will experience at the end of their university experience is to have a piece of paper- the degree. I would not only provide them with basic course information but also engage them in discussion that moves them to a higher level of thinking. My job is to move them from a mindset of apathy to critical thinking. I enjoy PBL session, where in part, I can move them out of their comfort zone by presenting them with realistic problems that has undefined solutions. The goal of this is to help students to learn to be critical thinkers and effective problem solvers so that they can be effective competitors in their careers. I help my students to question and disagree with what they read rather than passively accepting everything by the book. I also strongly agree with Einstein that education should be fun rather than forced – that force and punishment play no part in a good education. Thus, in the process of teaching, I strive to make the learning experience fun. I believe that any class can be fun through creative approaches, and I continue to try new avenues in the classes I teach. Finally, I am accountable to all my students. My office door is always open and I value student’s feedback. I offer lots of office hours and respond promptly to all student requests either by email or face-to face.  I provide constructive feedback on all student work, and spend hours of time for evaluation. I believe teaching and learning are bi-directional beneficial process. While teaching, I learned.