Standards for Math II Week 12-18

1. Understand the properties of Circles

2. Understand and use the properties of chords, tangents, and secants as an application of triangle similarity

3. Understand and use properties of central, inscribed, and related angles

4. Use the properties of circles to solve problems involving the length of an arc and the area of a sector

5. Use and apply surface area and volume of a sphere

6. Determine the effect on surface area and volume of changing the radius or diameter of a sphere

7. Use sample data to make informal inferences about population means and standard deviations

8. Understand and calculate the means and standard deviations of sets of data

9. Gather and plot data that can be modeled with linear and quadratic functions

10. Understand and apply the processes of linear and quadratic regression for curve fitting using appropriate technology

11. Will communicate mathematically