Study Skills Syllabus

 Study SkillsSpring Semester 2011

Margaret Lawley

Email: Course Description:  Study Skills is designed to give students strategies that will allow them to be successful in the classroom and in their lives after high school or college.  Students will be expected to use these strategies in their other classes each day.  Readings:  Each week we will have Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) for a minimum of 30 minutes.  During this time, you may read anything you like (books, magazines, etc) as long as it is in print form (no reading from the computer).  The only grade you will receive for SSR is participation.  If you read, you get full credit.                                      Class Materials:         3-ring binder                                    Any notebooks from other classes                                     Agenda                                     Blue or black pens, lead pencils                                    Highlighters                                    USB Flash Drive                                                                         

Grading Policy:

 Tests/Projects                                     15%Quizzes                                               15%Participation                                       30%Homework/Daily                                30%Final Exam:                                        10%


 Expectations:  Freshmen: All freshmen will work Math I tutorials on USA Test Prep and print materials at least 3 hours per week.  Math I is a graduation requirement, so these tutorials will provide you with valuable help.  Take this seriously Juniors: All juniors will work on GHSGT prep (online and in print) at least 3 hours per week.  These tests are required for graduation, so I expect you to take this seriously.    Other topics that will be covered this semester include time management, organization, note taking, previewing textbooks, how to get hidden points in class, listening skills, reading strategies and many more.    Policies/ Procedures: 
  • Computer Usage: All students will have an assigned computer.  If you attempt to use a computer that is not assigned to you, you will receive a detention.  Tampering with or removing anything from the room that does not belong to you will result in an immediate referral.
  • Hall Passes:  The first and last 10 minutes of class is “dead time” – no hall passes.  This means students have 5 minutes total for a bathroom break, office pass, clinic pass, water fountain break, etc.  Failing to return to class after 5 minutes will be considered skipping class.  You have one pass per week; use it wisely.

·         Late Work:  Major assignments (anything over 75 points) will receive a deduction of 10% each day late with the exception of excused absences (see Kell handbook for policy). 


·         Minor assignments will only earn full credit on the dates they are due.  Students may turn in late minor assignments at any point during the semester (1 day late or 5 weeks late) for a maximum score of 50%. 


·         No late work of any kind will be accepted beginning the week of final exams.

  • Test Days/Help Sessions/Make-ups:   Days will be determined the first week of school.
  • Cheating/Plagiarism:  This will result in a reduced grade, typically a zero, for the assignment.
  • Food/Drinks:  Feel free to drink water during class.  All other foods and beverages are not permitted during class and will be thrown away if out.
  • Cell Phones/ iPods:  There may be instances in which I allow you to use an iPod in class, but do not have it out unless I tell you that you may use it.  I will not take them up, but will give a detention, and if the problem continues, you will be written up.
  • Respect:  Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated (making fun, slang or derogatory terms, profanity) and will result in administrative referral.  Be nice to people.  Use of profanity in class will result in a detention; intentional profanity will result in administrative action and can lead to suspension or other disciplinary action.  Take this policy seriously, because I do!





Good luck and have a great semester at Kell High School!