Course Outline and Grading Policy

Regents Earth ScienceMrs. Lawrence                                                                                                         Phone: 518-762-4661                                                                         Email:                                                                     Webpage - Welcome to Regents Earth Science!Regents Earth Science covers the study of the earth. This includes topics in Earth Dimensions, Minerals & Rocks, The Dynamic Crust, Surface Processes & Landscapes, Earth's History, Meteorology, Water Cycle & Climates, the Earth in Space, and Environmental Awareness. The course is evaluated using homework and classwork, quizzes and tests, and the laboratory experience. As in all courses in science tested with a Regents examination, all laboratory experiences must be completed/documented in order to take the Regents examination in this course.

 Class Expectations:

1.                  Be on time – in seat when bell rings

2.                  Be prepared – have all materials and assignments

3.                  Be on task – focus on Earth science, don't waste class time

4.                  Be respectful – of yourself, of other students, of teachers

5.                  *All school policies strictly enforced!


Materials:   --- Bring to class everyday 

1 ½ inch binder

looseleaf/filler paper

pens – blue or black ink


basic calculator

Earth Science Reference Table(ESRT)

 Grading Policy:

40%   Tests

30%   Labs

20%   Quizzes

10%   Classwork/ Homework

 Late Work Policy:

No late homework will be accepted. Quizzes and tests may be made up AFTER SCHOOL or during a study hall. 

Absent Policy:You will have one day for each day absent to make up work for full credit. If turned in after that you will receive half credit.  If you are absent the day before a quiz or test but knew ahead of time of the test or quiz you will be expected to take it in class when you return. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE UP WORK MISSED WHILE ABSENT! You can find all work in the “master” binder and table of contents. If you missed notes you need to get them from Mrs. Lawrence Website - Labs:

Labs are an important part of this course.  You must pass lab class to take the regents.  This includes attendance hours and satisfactory lab reports.  You will be ineligible to take the regents exam if you have a failing grade in lab.  Labs must be made up before the next lab class.  You must have a complete lab folder to sit for the Earth Science Regents Exam and pass the course.