Class Rules and Homework Policy


Classroom Rules

  1. Show respect for yourself, your classmates and your teachers.
  2. Keep your hands, feet and objeccts to yourself.
  3. Pay attention and follow dirctions.
  4. Use classroom voices.
  5. Come to class prepared and ready to learn.
  • During the first week of school, we will be spending time going over classroom procedures and getting to know each other.

Homework Policy

The students will have a nightly take home schedule that shows their homework assignments. I would like you to initial it to show that the studnets have shown it to you. If a student is absent the students homework assignments can be found on this website every week. The students will have at least a week to make-up work that is missed.

If a student does not turn in their work, then the begining of each week I will tell them what they missed and they will have a chance to make it up for a reduced grade.

Report cards and will be posted on INow which is replacing STI Home.  Information about this can be found at

We both need to partner in the learning process. I encourage you to help your student study for tests. I will keep you informed of all assignments and subjects that are covered in the class on this website and through the students take home assignment calander. If you have any questions or concerns during the school year, please do not hesitate to contact me. I check my email quite frequently so it is probley the best way to reach me. My email address is You can also reach me by phone at (704) 650-3511.