Remote Learning (COVID-19 Social Distancing)

UPDATE 3/31/20- From Ms. Smith (Title One)


Fluency and Comprehension


200 Sight words





Week 3- Assignments, 3/30-4/3/20


Literacy- Content Literacy including Science, Social Studies, and Poetry! (April is Poetry Month!)



Students enter clas code: MUTM6D

Passoword: 1234


Once logged in you will see your passage/assignment dur for the day. A new assignment will be available and displayed each day. By Friday, you will have access to all 5 passages and you have until Sunday to complete them all. 

     -US Presidents George Washington

     -Mountains and Oceans: The Earth's Oceans

     -All in a Week

     -Spring into Poetry

     -A new Friend


Please read the passage and answer the comprehension questions. Don't forget to submit.




- Pearson-


Please watch the visual learning video prior to completing the quick check. Please complete all Visual learning videos and Digital Quick checks 9-1 through 9-5 (1 per day, all due Sunday, April 5th).

Don't forget to wath the entire visual learning video and submit the quick check. 



Science and Social Studies


-Science- Generation Genius (3 videos/lessons this week)

     - Variations of Traits

     - Weather vs. Climate

     - Magnets & Static Electricity


Click on the link and it will take you to the video. Watch the video for each lesson. 


-Social Studies- PebbleGO and Scholastic Magazine (2 lessons this week)


     -Scholastic Learn at Home


      Username: engaged

      Password: learning

Watch videos, read articles of your choice on either website. 



OPTIONAL Virtual Learning

-Daily Journal Writing, create a google doc under your email and share with me (

-IXL Skills Practice (please check your school email for username and password)



-Mrs. Malloy's website

-Scholastic Learn at Home (week 1)

-Brainpop (username: Azzarello311    Password: Medford 1) (Student class code- vcy3632, then click on your name and choose your book!)






Assignments 3/16-3/27/2020


Dear Third Grade Families, 


Due to the school closure we are sending along materials and activities for our students to complete during the course of the next two weeks (3/16-3/27/2020).  Teachers will be available via email should you need any assistance.  For those who don't have access to technology, hard copies will be available to be picked up in the main office.  We will be in communication with you as we get more information.


See below:


Content Literacy


·Readworks –    Students enter class code MUTM6D,  password is 1234

-Read at least 8 out of the 10 articles from Inventors and Inventions from Article of the Day. It should be noted that Audio is available for each article.

·Complete Book of Knowledge for each article read (write down 2-3 things you learned from the article)

·Read 20 minutes daily from books/texts of your choice


·Preview Vocabulary Cards for Topic 11

·Topic 11 Opening Video 

·10-1 through 10-10 Quick Checks: have students log on and go to assignments

·Practice Math Facts daily


  • Students should have their user name and passwords if they misplaced them please let me know

*If parents would like to preview lesson 11 with your students feel free. It will be taught upon returning to school.*


Optional Activities: 

·Scholastic News- login in as student and use password: azzarello311

·Prodigy- see student login in form (handed out on Thursday 3/12/20)

·Envision Math videos


Thank you for your patience and everyone stay healthy and safe.

~Mrs. Azzarello