English IV - Honors

April 4 - 8

Brave New World - 50 pages per night.  This I believe Essay due Friday.


March 28-April 1

Vocabulary units 16 - quiz on Monday April 4.

Read "Brave New World" assigned chapters 1-3 for Thursday and chapter 4-6 due Tuesday April 5.  Study guide handed out.

Begin This I believe" essay.  See email for further information.

Homework, begin essa, read Brave New World. 

March 14- 17

Students will complete vocabulary 15 quiz, vocab test for units 11- 15, and Hamlet test this week.


 Feb. 15, Tuesday

Vocabulary 13 quiz

Intro to Hamlet Powerpoint

Read Act I of Hamlet - quiz on Thursday

Individual Dracula project due on Thursday.


Feb. 14, Valentine's Day

Group evaluation form.

Vocabulary Quiz on Tuesday

Begin Hamlet. 

Final exam scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 16 

Review for final exam and finish Macbeth on Tuesday. 

for Monday Dec. 13, Completed reading and study guide of Act. IV Macbeth.  Finish Act V in Class. 

sorry Busy Week. 

Monday Dec. 6, Green 2

Vocab 9 definitions and Matching 

Begin reading Act II - homework, read Act II, complete study guide.

Quiz on Act II, Tuesday and being reading Act III Tuesday.


Thursday, Dec. 2, Green 2

Quiz on Vocab 8

Complete reading of Act I. Check homework.

Review, Take quiz.  Begin Act II.

All college packet items due on Friday.


Monday and Tuesday NOv. 29, and 30.  Green 2

Vocabulary Unit 8 - complete activities quiz on Thursday.

Review Introduction to Macbeth Powerpoint which was sent to student emails.

Begin Shakespeare's Macbeth, Act I.  Read in class Act I - scenes 1-3, Handouts given on Renaissance, Shakespeare facts, Macbeth characters and Macbeth study guide.

Students are to read AI, sc iv for homework and complete study guide through question 13.



Tuesday, Nov. 9, Green 2

Vocab 6 quiz

College Prep packet discussed, email sent, and resume worked on.

Students each chose college for oral presentation

Due dates sent via school email.

Checked Literary Analysis questions for Wife of Bath. 

Monday, Nov. 8, Green 2

Vocabulary quiz on Tuesday.

Homework for Wife of Bath due Tuesday.

Begin College Prep packet - Part 1 create Resume


Thursday Nov. 4 Green 2

Vocabulary 6 Final check quiz on Tuesday .

Read "The Wife of Bath's Tale"  Homework answer Literary Analysis questions due on Tuesday

TEST on Canterbury Tales "Prologue."

Tuesday, Nov. 2,  Green 2

Vocab 6 Sentence check 1-2 and Final Check

Quiz on Thursday

Review Canterbury Tales Prologue, Review Powerpoints, Review Pilgrims, Review Notes,

Review Videos of Tales and explain video.

Test! on Canterbury Tales Prologue on Thursday.



Monday, NOv. 1, 2010

Due today, Individual Pilgrim assignment

 Review Pilgrims for Canterbury Tales, be prepared for Test on Thursday.


Thursday Oct. 27, 2010  Green 2

Vocab 1-5 Test

Canterbury Tales p. 108-110 with group.  Students complete Canterbury Tales Pilgrim Chart independently 

Tuesday -Oct. 19, 2010 green 2

Vocab 5 quiz - test Thursday

Receive Canterbury Tales Packet, Review Power Point on Canterbury Tales

Discuss intro to Canterbury Tales, students complete Pilgrim chart to p. 108


Monday Oct. 18, 2010

Vocab 5 final check  quiz on Tuesday, Test over Chapters 1-5 on Thursday.

Begin disucussing the Medieval Period.

Canterbury Tales to start on Tuesday. 

Thursday, Oct. 13, 2010

Vocabulary 5, sentence check 1, 2

"Interactive Grammar" Quotation Marks and Commas

Canterbury Tales Introduction Powerpoints

Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010

Big Test on Beowulf

Vocab 5 definitions and matching 

Monday Oct. 11, 2010

Vocab 4 quiz

Comma Review - p. 88, 832, 920

Homework STudy for Beowulf Test

Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010 - Green 2

Discuss Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Vocab 4 final check

British Humor

BEOWULF Analysis TEST on Tuesday.


Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010 Green 2

Review Beowulf terminology and analysis

Beowulf Literary Analysis test on Thursday or Tuesday, optional

Vocab 4 - Sentence check 1 -2


Monday, Oct. 4, 2010 Green 2

Re-take Mythology Test.

Tuesday we will continue to analyze Beowulf.


Thursday, Sept. 30, Green 2

Vocabulary 4 - definitions and matching

Beowulf Test

Monday, RE-DO Mythology TEST

Tuesday, Sept. 28, Green 2

Vocabulary Chapter 3 quiz

30 minutes to work on projects

Present Beowulf projects

Test on Beowulf on Thursday.


Monday, Sept. 27, Green 2

Vocabulary chapter 3 final check, quiz Tuesday.

Discuss Beowulf Presentations, allow students 20 minutes to work on projects 

Thursday, Sept. 23, Green 2 

Vocab 3 sentence check 1 +2

DeVry University Post-high school presentation

Beowulf assignment of tasks - groups are given Beowulf sections, project requirements emailed to students

Goal:  Class time on Monday and Part of Tuesday, Groups should plan to present on Tuesday and test over Beowulf on Thursday.

Tuesday, Sept. 21, Green 2

Vocab 3 Definitions and Matching

Answer the Literary Analysis Questions in the Margins of Beowulf, turn in.

Complete Terminolgy Worksheet using the glossary in the back of the book. 

Monday, Sept. 20, 2010 Green 2

Vocab 2 quiz.

Finish REading Beowulf for Homework - write a brief synopsis of each section, Anglo Saxon Notes. 

Sept. 16 - Green 2

Mythology TEST

Vocab 2 Final Check - Vocab quiz on Monday.

Assign Reading of Beowulf to be completed for class on Tuesday.

         Students are to read the entire piece of Beowulf and be prepared to work on a section to present to the class.  For Tuesday, students are to read each section and write a brief synopsis of each section. 


Sept 13-14 Green 2

Vocab 2 definitions, matching, sentence check 1-2

Mythology presentations for chapters 3-12

Study guides emailed to class

Beowulf, collected hwk of summarizing lines 1-100

Anglo Saxon Time period notes

Orally reviewed "The Wrath of Grendel" part 1 of Beowulf

Homework -Study for Myth test 

Sept. 6-10, 2010

Green 2 - English IV

1.  Vocabulary 1 Quiz

2.  Review yellow Terminology handout

3.  Check out textbooks which can stay at home, we will have a class set as well.

4.   Assigned "Beowulf"  the first chapter.

5.    Talked briefly about Epics and Epic heroes.