Homework Policy

This sheet can be found in your welcome packet that your child will bring home to you after their first day of school. Please be sure you have reveiwed it with them, signed it and send it back to me. Thank you!

Homework Policy for 5-304 

Sample Nightly Homework

 Ø 30 minutes of Reading

Ø 20 minutes of Math

Ø 20 minutes of Social Studies/Writing/Science

Ø Forms to be signed or read (permission slips, etc.) 


 Some questions you might have are: 


What counts as the 30 minutes of Reading homework?

Your child may continue reading his or her book from independent reading in class, read aloud a picture book to a younger sibling, or read an approved book in their home collection. Students may also read an online article or newspaper, however they must be prepared to discuss their reading or write about it. EVERY week night, students will have to complete their reading log (stapled in the front of their planner) and a parent’s signature is also required. Student logs will be collected and graded monthly.


What about the Forms to be signed or read?

It is important that you and your child check each night for such things as notices, letters from me, permission slips, etc.  Please sign these forms right away and have your child return them with their homework.


How will your child keep track of homework?

Your child is responsible for copying his or her assignments into their homework planners each day.  At the end of every day, students will copy homework in their daily planners, get mail, and place mail in their homework folder. I expect students to be responsible enough to bring their homework, planner, and folder back and forth to school each day. “I forgot my homework planner” will not be acceptable. Homework is not an option.


How can you help your child and me?

Please sign or initial next to each completed assignment in your child’s homework planner. In addition if you have questions or comments, you can write me a note in your child’s planner. Backpack maintenance is part of homework also! Help keep your child organized by having them clean out their backpacks and homework folders each night.  Make sure your child does not bring toys, balls, I-Pods, games, candy, or gum to school.  I will take these items and hold them until June should they bring them into the classroom. Please discourage it. Thank you for your cooperation!!!


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