Homework and Tests






Routine homework requirements:

*Read 5 nights a week from a book of the student's choice or the shared reading book.  6th graders will be expected to read a minimum of 15 minutes/nightly, 7th graders a minimum of 20 minutes, and 8th graders a minimum of 30 minutes.

*Prepare a reflection after each reading using ACTIVE strategies in a Reader's/Writer's Log.  6th graders will write at least 1/2 page reflection, 7th graders will write 3/4 page and 8th graders will write a full page.

*Be prepared for vocabulary test every other Friday.

*Be prepared for spelling quiz each Friday.

*Social Studies homework will be assigned on an as-needed basis.

Here is a great resource for students in studying their vocabulary:  www.WordlyWise3000.com. They can access the word lists and review with fun games.

Week of: 5/22-5/26

6th grade:  On Monday, May 22 chapters 15-18 of Voyage of the Frog should be completed - packet and ship's log (5 entries).  We will discuss the book through chapter the end so students should be prepared to participate.  They will have a spelling quiz on Friday.  They will not have vocabulary cards due. We will be working on some simple History projects in class.  Mesopotamia Culture project and presentations due on Wednesday, 5/24.

7th/8th grades:  On Monday, 5/22, students should turn in  5 Reader's/Writer's entries from a book they have selected and are now reading.  These are the last RWL entries for the year.  There will be a spelling quiz and a vocabulary quiz, Lesson 15 in Wordly Wise, on Friday.  We are working "full-steam ahead" all week.