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Welcome to Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies Classes!

Middle School is an exciting time of growth - spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  All students will develop leadership skills through a variety of opportunities provided for you at Southport Christian School.

Reading, writing, and speaking are the basics of communication and at the core of Language Arts.  In our class, we will use a combination of a more traditional approach using selected textbooks and an individualized Reading/Writing workshop method.  Natural and purposeful reading and writing will occur.  Students will read and write in Reader's/Writer's Logs routinely for homework.

Students will learn rules of spelling and create their own weekly spelling word lists (10 words) and will be tested weekly.  Vocabulary will be taught using a textbook and supplementing it with periodic creative vocabulary activities.  

Ancient civilizations will be the subject of Sixth Grade Social Studies.  Seventh and Eighth graders will begin with a study of U.S. History and then move into World History.  All students will become aware of current events through weekly CNN Student News lessons.