Curriculum Map

Activity / LessonMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
Housekeeping &Dramatic PlayPretend to Fly a Kite  SPPretend to go on a caterpillar hunt SPPretend to be invisible  SPPretend to pick flowers   SPPretend to make eggs  SP
Circle TimeBible DevotionStory & VisualTeacher;How did the children feel?   SEBrick making;How do you think the workers felt?        SEDancing; How do you think the people felt?        SETimbrel;How do you think slaves felt?SEMaking Olive Oil; What was it used for?           SE
Blocks & ManipulativeColorful Kites- Puzzels SPCaterpillar Patterns- Math  SPMake an egg from blocks  SPPicking flowers- Counting & Colors   SP  Spots, Solids, & Stripes- patternsSP
Language & Learning ActivityHunt & Write  SEPainting Pictures  SPAlmost InvisibleSEHide & Seek- connect spoken & written words      SERolling for eggs- Counting  SE
Outside Time orInside activityCatching Raindrops- gross motor   SPEFollow the leader- positional concepts SPELight vs Heave- force & weight   SPEHigh & Low- positional conceptSPELight vs Heavy II- quantitive concepts  SPE
Music, Art & Craft TimeDance, Dance, Dance   SPWonderful Spring SongSE Mixing Colors   SPThe Eggs go marching- Music & Movement  SEPDraw Letter Vv           S
ScienceSand & WaterElegant Egg- Textures  SE Swirling Colors- investigation SE From Two to One- discovery
Scheduled Activities  Movie day- “Spring”Sugar & Spice- ColorsTaking a Dip- Colors