Literacy Link

This is obviously a new area for preschool teachers and they are busy with so many other important aspects of early literacy. There isn't much out there yet, but a few interesting projects and homepages are worth noting. 

Literacy Organizations

The Foundation for Comprehensive Early Literacy Learning

The CELL Preschool Literacy Project is designed to provide professional development to support teachers in preparing young children to enter kindergarten with the necessary language and early reading and writing skills to ensure school success

International Reading Association embraces appropriate early literacy experiences delivered by well-prepared, knowledgeable, caring preschool teachers. High-quality preschools can ensure that all children are prepared for school and are developing literacy skills.

  • ABC Learn - This not-for-profit organization strives to help at-risk children become literate.
  • Alabama Reading Association - This site includes membership information, a list of events, contact details, projects, pictures and a newsletter.
  • Canadian Organization for Development through Education (CODE) - Promotes literacy and self-reliance for people in developing countries.
  • The Center for Literacy Studies - This organization provides international, national, regional, and local support in an effort to increase adult literacy. This site includes resources, statistics, new, research, and events.
  • Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement - This site includes a searchable database, Power Point presentations, reading lists, and a directory of tutors and teachers, all focused on early intervention techniques to improve literacy levels.
  • Centre for Family Literacy - This center provides adults and families with a variety of programs focused on literacy and is located in Alberta Canada’s city of Edmonton.
  • Delaware Valley Reading Association - This community chapter of the International Reading Association specifically promotes literacy in the Delaware Valley area of Southeastern Pennsylvania.
  • Feed the Minds - This charitable organization promotes literacy, education, and publish in the developing areas of the world, and also provides literature and more to higher institutions of theological learning. This site provides information on literacy, up coming events, grants, involvement opportunities, news and contact details.
  • First Book - This not-for-profit organization offers new books to underprivileged children.
  • Global Literacy Project, Inc. - This not-for-profit organization gathers and distributes new and used books to areas of the Caribbean and Africa.
  • Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council - This not-for-profit organization offers lessons in writing, computer operation, reading, English, and math.
  • Hollywood Education Literacy Program (HELP) - Located in Hollywood, California, this organization offers a literacy course for children and adults.
  • Indiana Literacy Foundation - This Indiana not-for-profit organization offers a variety of literacy programs successfully carried out by volunteers. This site features associated links as well as a list of available programs.
  • Kingston Literacy - Promotes literacy for families and adults living in the Kingston area.
  • Literacy Empowerment Foundation - Supplies distance learners, literacy organizations, and schools with books at a reduced cost or free of charge.
  • Literacy Matters - This organization promotes literacy by offering advice, lesson plans, resources, news, and training.
  • National Children's Literacy Project (NCLP) - This non-profit organization promotes the literacy of children and of society as a whole.
  • National Institute for Literacy (NIFL) - This independent organization promotes literacy in the U.S.
  • The National Literacy Trust - This not-for-profit British organization promotes literacy through discussion boards, publications, statistics, events, research, etc.
  • Operation Read - This organization promotes adult literacy and teaches English as a second language. A video entitled Farm Outreach can be purchased on this site and is available in both Spanish and English.
  • READ Foundation - Provides underprivileged children with the chance to reach levels of proficiency in reading.
  • StoryPlus Foundation - This not-for-profit organization promotes literacy for children. This site features a newsletter, information on events and activities, and details on how you can contribute. Available in both French and English.
  • Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education - Comprised of students, literacy practitioners, adult learners, community members, administrators, this organization promotes education, literacy, and social change.
  • World Literacy Crusade - Gives children the opportunity to participate in literacy programs in an effort to improve society.

Websites about Books, Authors and Children's Literature

Online Literature for Young Children

  • A Pocket Full of Rhymes presents children with a relaxed environment to learn and enjoy poetry.
  • Absolutely Whootie Stories to Grow By includes fairy tales, folk tales and other great stories for children.
  • Chateau Meddybemps Beantime Stories are modern stories designed for online publishing.
  • has real story tellers that read aloud fairy tales using Real Audio. Follow the words or simply listen.
  • Fairy Tales and Poetry from includes well illustrated books that are read aloud to children and links to other online sources of text.
  • features read-aloud picture books, sing-along songs, video song books, poetry, story-writing and illustrating contests and learning games designed for children ages 2-12.
  • Nursery Rhymes from Enchanted Learning, complete with rebus pictures for early readers.
  • Preschool Library from includes 4 different themes with an online story, online activity, take home story and booklist. Available in Spanish too.
  • Reading A-Z special preview of 28 leveled books for guided and independent reading. You can download and print all of them out.
  • Reading Zone from the Internet Public Library's Youth Collection links to picture books and short stories for young readers.