Did you know?!

Here are some interesting facts about Benjamin Franklin, little kernals of knowledge to knock the socks off any opponent in your next game of Jeopardy or Trivia Pursuit.

  • In 1722, Franklin became Vegetarian. He was Broke and living in Boston. He stopped eating meat so he could save money to buy more books. (Of course!)

  • Among his political and philosophical thought, Ben franklin was also a funny man. In his work, Poor Richards Alamnac he wrote all of the quotes that are iconic to this day. Here are few examples of his wit:

"Fish and visitors smell after three days."
"God works wonders now & then; Behold! a Lawyer, an honest Man!" 
"A learned blockhead is a greater blockhead than an ignorant one."

  • Ben Franklin wrote on many things. While in London in the later part of his life, he had many ruminations about the english alphabet. According to Franklin, the alphabet was too redundant and could better serve by eleminating 6 letters. Sadly, C, J, Q, W, X, and Y didn't make the cut.

And, even as an old man, Franklin was a whipper snapper. At the age of 81, he was the oldest statesman to sign the Constitution of the United States.

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